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International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) - the report on „SME Financing through Capital Markets”- 08.07.2015
"SMEs are a major contributor to long-term economic growth and employment. However, they often struggle to find financing due, in part, to the relatively high investment risk they represent. The SME financing challenge has increased in the aftermath of the global financial crisis as banks face tougher liquidity requirements and leverage constraints. Capital markets therefore have a role in bridging this financing gap for SMEs by providing alternative funding sources.

Notwithstanding, SMEs continue to face impediments, which discourage them from accessing the capital market for financing. These include the fear of losing ownership, relatively high regulatory costs and inexperience with capital markets, amongst others." - 09.07.2015

"Reliable non-bank sources of business finance should be further developed alongside well-established bank financing, says the text. EU firms will be less vulnerable to tight bank lending terms if market players are able to raise debt, equity and venture capital directly from the market, it adds High-quality, easily comparable financial information on firms seeking crowd funding or peer-to-peer loans should be available across borders, say MEPs. They underline that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and retail investors need financial education to help them to avoid risky investments and better inform them of the range of products on the market, such as equity or corporate bonds."

The ultimate solution is called the PRESSITON EXCHANGE.

Each country Government is invited to participate in making 10 000 local SME-s available on the Pressiton Exchange, where the companies are
prepared, for getting an access to a global capital markets.

The advantages for the Governments:

With Us the World is Yours

Let's work together.

Pressiton Team
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The first Hotel Reservation System in the world, with the availability of choosing individual rooms, or even the beds in the hostel's case.

The Press-Travel has many AI features, to interactively help the customers, in evaluating the best booking options, with all transactions made in the Press-DAG chain.

The word DAG comes from the Directed Acycylic Graphs, which is the most modern form of a digital information storage, with:
* no fees
* no mining
* smart contracts
* very fast transactions

Therefore, the system is been used for the Oil / LNG, and the other commodities transactions, too.
All is written in one, unified language, which speeds up a development enormously, and allows a maximum cyber-security.
A real breakthrough is pegging our currency, the GLOBAL-GDP and its countries equivalents to the GDP-s, with all details available to our customers.