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PressitOnTM is the only company in the world, that combines the role of stock exchanges, brokers, market makers and business advisors.

It allows the reduction of costs for clients, and significantly improves the quality of service.

Pressiton's unique strategy as a trading platform and a co-investor is a cooperation with the Central Banks, and  as a source of capital.

It is in accordance with the European Central Bank Corporate Sector Purchase Programme, and the other Central Banks are following this path, too:

ECB announcement -19.05.2016:
"No minimum issue size would be applied, as a way to avoid distortions and ensure a level playing field across issuers and issues. A minimum maturity of six months would apply, curbing the magnitude of redemptions during the lifetime of the programme while having a limited impact on the eligible universe. A maximum maturity similar to that of the PSPP, i.e. 30 years and 364 days, would be applied".

We are also aiming to become the main investment platform for the European Union 100 billion Euro investment vehicle - the European Future Fund.

Welcome to a different world. Welcome to PressitOnTM.


Functionality Comparison PressitOn Exchange Other Stock Exchanges Brokers Market Makers Rating Agencies

Valuations based on the most reliable methodology, unified in the world scale, by adjusting all figures to the G.A.A.P standard YES NO NO NO NO

Financial projection for 3 to 7 years and a continuous business monitoring YES NO NO NO NO

No expensive audits YES NO N/A N/A NO

Investors Safety YES NO NO NO NO

Free Cash-Flow Management YES NO NO N/A N/A

Independence from speculation and technical trading – Managerial work can be properly planned YES N/A NO N/A NO

Management salary and bonuses can be based on the real increase of the company value YES NO N/A N/A N/A

PressitOn support to Companies Management, in sharing knowledge of how to increase the business value, through the PressitOn Exchange YES NO NO NO NO

Support for investors, in acquiring the correct financial information about investment targets

Rescuing companies in difficult situations, by taking over all operational processes, including Sales and Marketing, finding the strategic investor YES NO NO NO NO

Access to the worldwide network of PressitOn contacts YES NO NO NO NO

Let's work together.

With Us the World is Yours

Pressiton Team
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The first Hotel Reservation System in the world, with the availability of choosing individual rooms, or even the beds in the hostel's case.

The Press-Travel has many AI features, to interactively help the customers, in evaluating the best booking options, with all transactions made in the Press-DAG chain.

The word DAG comes from the Directed Acycylic Graphs, which is the most modern form of a digital information storage, with:
* no fees
* no mining
* smart contracts
* very fast transactions

Therefore, the system is been used for the Oil / LNG, and the other commodities transactions, too.
All is written in one, unified language, which speeds up a development enormously, and allows a maximum cyber-security.
A real breakthrough is pegging our currency, the GLOBAL-GDP and its countries equivalents to the GDP-s, with all details available to our customers.